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This collection is made up of a robust selection of resources that support the research activities of students and staff of the Design faculty. This includes books, journals and audio visual material, as well as access to exclusive databases and many thousands of e-books.

We ensure ease of access to all the resources you will need through the provision of regular workshops and research sessions for all on campus and online Design students.


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  • Some campus libraries now have Pantone swatches available for in-class use, as well as a Pantone light-booth. Speak to your lecturer or library staff to find out more
  • There are a whole range of new training videos available to help you advance your library and research skills, take a look and see which ones are best for you - you can even recommend a topic for us to create a new training video for
  • We've moved a few things around in the collection, making it as easy as possible to find what you're looking for. If you can't find some of your favourite texts on the shelf be sure to search the catalogue or ask for some help

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WGSN Fashion is a flagship trend forecasting service. Where global experts track near- and long-term trends across 14 fashion categories.


Featured Designer

William Morris - Considered one of the most prominent actors of the Victorian era, William Morris (1843-1896) was a poet, artist, designer, and editor, and did not hesitate to express his socialist political views, which at the time were frowned upon by the establishment. From this mixture of genres, William Morris would go on to construct a remarkable career, applying his ideas through various enterprises he established under the name of the William Morris Companies, revolutionizing both interior decorating and architecture.



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