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Research support



If you are new to research, you may not be aware that the Library has a range of tools and resources that can help you throughout the research process. 

This site will point you to a range of information and links to relevant and useful sources.

The research cycle

The Research Cycle

The research cycle is rarely linear and often some (or all) stages will need to be revisited. Remember too that different disciplines and research topics may employ different approaches to research, which will impact on the process.

Click on each stage for some of the key considerations.


Research Cycle

The research cycle by Curtin Library


New Resource

Research Support

Research consultations

Research consultations provide research higher degree candidates, academic staff and researchers with an opportunity to explore their research specific information needs with a library professional.

You may benefit from a tailored research consultation if you:

  • are at the initial stages of a research project
  • are commencing research in a new discipline area
  • want to be sure that you have accessed all relevant scholarly information for your research topic
  • need help locating and retrieving the information you’ve identified
  • need some tips on refining your search and information management strategies



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