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Cohort - Research Skills: Databases


Databases basics

Finding databases

A complete list of our databases can be accessed through our Databases A-Z page.

We've also included a handy drop down menu of databases on this page.

All subscribed and open access (publicly available) database content can also be found via the Library Catalogue

What's the difference?

Database direct search:

  • Use for applied, targeted research. Enables much more customisation of your search strategy, and achieves more focused results

Library Catalogue search:

  • Good for quickly discovering if known article titles are available. Search strategy function is limited, and results are not as reliable.

Learn how to use databases to do your research - Database search skills page


Google Scholar

You can also set up Google Scholar to show resources available through our library. 

Navigate to Google Scholar and expand the settings in the top left hand corner

Select "Settings" from the menu

Select "Library Links" from the settings menu

Enter "Laureate Education Australia" into the search box, select our library, then click "save"

You should now see results like the following when you search Google Scholar