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Cohort - Staff support: Collaboration



Librarian Support

Your Head Librarians offer:

  • advice on information literacy needs of your students
  • training in the effective use of information sources, for you and your students
  • identification of resources to support your teaching and research activities


In addition, each Head Librarian has a broad knowledge of the information resources in subject specialisations.


The Head Librarians also contribute to Learning & Teaching Committees, and manage the purchasing of faculty resources for the library.




Partner with the Library

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with academic staff to support student outcomes.

Ways we can collaborate:

  • Design and delivering in-class and online workshops on specific resources and information literacy skills
  • Developing information literacy skills learning used and embedded into your subject
  • Liaising with you to develop and maintain a high quality library collection
  • Supporting students at risk

If you are interested in partnering with us in any way, your Librarian would love to hear from you!